Special YAMAHA VIP Camping Experience Available Only to Yamaha Owners



Do you own a Yamaha and want an elevated VIP experience?

This solution will make your rally much easier and enjoyable. It's a heck of a deal, and only available to Yamaha riders.

You'll have (the best) campsite fully set up and waiting for you, including a large tent, exclusively for you with all sorts of perks.

Inside the tent you will have a cot and a VERY comfortable 4" thick air mattress pad (there's no need to bring your own). Please bring your own bedding (sleeping bag, etc.).

You'll receive a special gift bag, including a custom dry bag with a solar battery pack, a great packable camp chair, snacks, a Yamaha camping mug and more. And every morning, you'll have coffee, tea and water available, complimentary to Yamaha VIP guests.

Covered Yamaha motorcycle parking is included, and a large central canopy provides shade and a spot to meet your fellow Yamaha riders.

Only 20 are offered, and they WILL sell out.

(Important:  Rally Registration is SEPARATE and must be purchased through the specific rally)

Only $75


Get VIP Now