Terms & Conditions

I hereby acknowledge that I have read the entitled “Legal Information Concerning www.RallyTickets.com and the Buffalo Chip Campground,” that I agree to all its terms and that I understand that my purchase will immediately be charged to my credit card.

I understand the amount of my purchase will immediately be applied to my credit card.

I understand purchase of any admission package (camping, concerts, etc.) entitles me to be admitted only to the event and on the dates for which purchase. I will have to make an additional purchase to secure admission to other dates. I understand that I must be present with the credit card I have used and photo ID in order to collect these camping credentials. No other person may collect them for me.

I understand that admission purchases are for camping and that there are no refunds at any time for any reason. This includes, for example, if I decide not to attend the event for whatever reason, I do attend and the weather is bad, cancellation of concerts and every other conceivable reason. All sales are final and purchases non-refundable.

I understand that pets are not allowed on the campground.

I understand that the entire Buffalo Chip is a licensed premises and I am not allowed to bring firearms onto the premises. I agree to check my firearm(s) at the security office at the box office. I understand I will be given a receipt and that I can pick up the firearm(s) upon leaving the Chip. Please don’t forget to make the pickup as you leave.

I understand that the entire Buffalo Chip is a licensed premises and I am not allowed to consume alcohol on the premises unless it was purchased onsite. I agree to check my alcohol in at the security office at the entrance, and that I will be provided a receipt to enable me to pick it up at the time of my final departure. Please don’t forget to pick it up on your way out, as alcohol not picked up within two days after the rally will be considered abandoned and destroyed.

I understand that my admission into the Buffalo Chip constitutes consent to use and distribute, without restriction, reproductions of my likeness, whether by photograph, video, film or otherwise, for commercial and noncommercial purposes, including but not limited to publication in magazines, video, movies and internet web sites.

By completing this form, I represent that I am the cardholder. I agree to pay this amount according to my card issuer agreement. I agree that I will not dispute this charge with my credit card company and I agree to make no attempt to have any amount of this payment charged back.

Do NOT process this order unless the card holder, is going to be present at the event, with the credit card used. NO exceptions!