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The Buffalo Chip Campground, LLC, is a privately owned and independent business that has no affiliation with the City of Sturgis, the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce or Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc.

All issues or disputes involving the Buffalo Chip Campground, LLC, or anyone acting on its behalf, whether the issue or dispute involves the purchase of product, campground admittance, tort claim (including, but not limited to, claims for damages to persons or property) or any other dispute, shall be resolved, whether by arbitration or legal action, within Meade County, South Dakota. Legal jurisdiction is agreed to reside in Meade County, South Dakota, and venue of all dispute resolution is hereby contractually bound and limited to Meade County, South Dakota. Any lawsuit must be prosecuted solely in the Circuit Court for the Fourth Judicial Circuit, Meade County, South Dakota.

The holder of a Buffalo Chip Campground, LLC, ticket, wristband or other right of entry assumes all risk and dangers incidental to attending an outdoor concert, biker campground and vending area on what is essentially unimproved pasture surface, whether occurring before, during or after presentation of any entertainment, including but not limited to injury caused by objects thrown, assault, injury from motor vehicles on site (even if racing), animals, fire and any other cause, and waives any claim against Buffalo Chip Campground, LLC, its agents, employees and representatives.

Holder further agrees that the following are not liable for injury by any cause and agrees to hold harmless the Buffalo Chip Campground, LLC, it's owners, agents and it's employees. Admission into the Chip constitutes consent to use, without restriction, reproductions of your likeness, whether by photograph, video, film or otherwise, for commercial and noncommercial purposes, including but not limited to publication in magazines, video, movies and internet web sites.

NO REFUND will be made for any reason including weather or cancellation.

Errors and Omissions: WE make mistakes. We also correct them. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason. Purchase of admission into the Buffalo Chip constitutes irrevocable acknowledgment that you have read all information in the Chip’s website,, and agree you are bound by all terms and conditions stated therein

BY ENTERING THE BUFFALO CHIP CAMPGROUND, YOU AGREE to give the Buffalo Chip Campground, LLC, the absolute and irrevocable right and permission to record images of me at any location on the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground property near Sturgis South Dakota.

Images of you may be recorded by or on behalf of the Buffalo Chip in any medium whatsoever, whether by photographs, video, voice recordings or any other type of media, known and unknown, and may be recorded whether you appear alone or with others.

You understand there is no guarantee any recorded image will be used or published in any manner.

You understand and agree that Buffalo Chip Campground, LLC shall be sole owner of all recorded images and shall have all rights to full ownership.  You further understand that the above said images maybe shown to others in the course of business and that you will have absolutely no control related to use or publication. It is also understood that the Buffalo Chip Campground, LLC, as owner shall have rights that include the right:

a.     To copyright all recorded images in its own or other name; and

b.     To publish and re-publish in any manner, including, using, broadcasting or sell the or selling the same in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other recorded images, in any medium and for any purpose whatsoever, including (but not limited to) illustrations, promotions and advertising, trade, television, magazine, newspapers, or other print media, and on the internet.

By entering, you hereby release and discharge Buffalo Chip Campground, LLC from any claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the recording of and/or use of the images, including, but not limited to claims for defamation.

This Authorization and release legally binds you, your heirs, assigns and representatives and inures to the benefit of the legal representatives, licenses and assigns of the buffalo chip Campgrounds, LLC.

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